Featured in Top Agent Magazine, 2014

Top Agent

Most realtors are familiar with the cliché that “ABC means Always Be Closing.” “To me, it means Always Be Committed,” says Helen Bovin, realtor with Keller Williams Realty, DTC. Success in real estate is much more than just closing a deal. It is finding that piece of heaven that families call home. Being a broker challenges your strength, tests your limits, introduces you to strangers that become your life long friends, but most importantly it questions your commitment. “I think that without passion there is no commitment and without commitment there is no success. Being a real estate broker is not a nine to five job; it is a way of life. You have to love what you do to be successful.”

Helen Bovin has specialized in Real Estate in the Denver Metro Area and surrounding suburbs for more than a decade. She has been very fortunate to work for Keller Williams DTC and has been recognized as one of the top producers in the location. In 2000, Helen received Keller Williams Rookie of the Year Award, in 2001-2002 she earned the Bronze Award, 2003-2006 the Silver Award, 2007-2011 the Gold Award, and 2012 the Double Gold Award. Helen’s gregarious personality, non-stop energy, and vast knowledge of this industry have kept her clients coming back for years. “My clients have become my family; I spend every day with them. I have planned their baby showers, have been a part of their weddings, and have attended their children’s college graduations. They have made me the person that I am today, I have so much respect for them.”

Born in Russia, Helen earned a Master Degree in Music Education with an emphasis in Piano and began her career as a music teacher. Pianists must have an unparalleled work ethic, be focused, be patient, be flexible, be able to improvise, be passionate about their craft, and be committed to the endless hours of practice. “I love to teach, that is part of the reason I became a realtor. A realtor is an educator. You have to teach your clients about the market, not just show them a few houses and have them choose one.” Transitioning from music to real estate sales, Helen utilized her previous skills to her advantage. When difficulties arise during transactions, she thinks quickly which keys to press to get the rhythm of the deal back together. “The amount of transactions I close are just numbers to me. The amount of smiling faces I see at the closing table is what give those numbers meaning.” Working in an international market, Helen developed strong business connections worldwide that now allow her to showcase her listings on a much broader scale.

During the USSR era, there was no such profession as a Realtor because most real estate property was government-owned. Helen had no idea what a real estate agent did or that such a career was even possible until her family bought their first house in America. “I became passionate and committed to helping others achieve a part of their American Dream of purchasing the perfect home, just like I did.”

Helen achieved her success through a strong work ethic because she believes that hard work can triumph over any hardship. She models her business after her home, creating a strong, trusted, and safe circle of professional colleagues and clients. Helen tries to be the kind of real estate agent she would want if she were searching for her own home; passionate, committed, and trustworthy. Helen truly loves what she does as her motto in life is “be in love with your life, every minute of it.”

“Real estate is not a nine to five job, it is a way of life” – Helen Bovin (Top Agent Magazine)


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